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Kinky Gifts Ideas to get for your Boyfriend

Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, anniversary or to spice up your relationship, kinky gifts can do the trick. There are many great you can give to your boyfriend or partner to make him happy. These can also be utilized to have your sex lives rise to a higher level. At the same time, they don’t have to be sexual gadgets either. Kinky gifts can come in many forms. The most important factor is that they are adult oriented or related to sex acts in some way.


Overall, there are many instances where a person may want to give their significant other a kinky gift. One of these gadgets can be something both of you can enjoy sexually. Either at the present moment or later on.

Kinky Writing Pad – There’s a writing pad aptly titled “Why I Must Have Sex With You.” On it, there are tons of reasons as to why the person must have intercourse with you. There is even an adult film on porn site Brazzers where they use a similar kinky pad. The hundreds of choices can act as an idea for sex as well.

Couple’s Vibrator – One of the great things about the LuLu #4 couple’s vibrator is that both of you can obtain pleasure from it. He can use it by himself or together with you. The remote control, body safe material and rechargeable vibrator is an excellent kinky gift.

Sex Position Coloring Book – This will take him back to the days when he colored as a kid. But unlike those images, these are of adult sexual positions. The book is great for couples as it will teach you both new ways to have sex.

Kama Sutra Massage Candle – Not only is this an awesome candle, but it also works as a massage oil. The lubricating wax is brewed with Shea, vitamin E and coconut oil. Once it has melted down, you can give him an erotic and arousing massage.

Shunga Edible Body Paint – Like to get creative during sex or want him to? How about painting each other’s body parts with this edible body paint? It is an excellent way to paint and then eat your work. Many free porn videos found on adult sites feature similar products like this.

Sex Stack Game – Anyone who has ever played the popular Jenga game will recognize and like this one. It is the adult or sexy version used to spice up couple’s foreplay.