10 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Christmas


We all love Christmas and we can’t wait to celebrate it. We want to buy the best gifts for Christmas, to decorate a Xmas tree and to do all other things that we’re supposed to do. However, how much actually do we know about Christmas? Why is it celebrated on 25th December? This article will give you a whole new perspective about Xmas. Below you’ll find the most interesting things that you didn’t know about this wonderful holiday. We are sure that you’ll be surprised by these facts!

1. Why is the Christmas celebrated on 25th December?

Contrary to what many of us think, Jesus Christ wasn’t born on this date. Moreover, this date wasn’t mentioned in the Bible at all. It is believed that Jesus Christ was actually born in the spring.

This date is probably chosen because of ancient pagan festival Saturnalia, where pagans celebrated god Saturn by giving gifts and partying.

2. How did Santa Claus become so popular?

In case you don’t’ know, Santa Claus actually comes from St. Nicholas. To keep it short, St. Nicholas was a Christian bishop who inherited a lot of wealth and gave it away to those who need help. Because of that, it's no surprise why he became the protector of children when sainted.

After his death, his legend spread all over the world and as a result, we get Santa Claus.

3. Why is the Christmas tree the foundation of this holiday?

In the festival Saturnalia, branches from evergreen trees were reminders of the God’s strength. Somehow along the way, these branches became the foundation of this beautiful holiday.

It is believed that the Germans were the first ones who brought the Christmas tree to their homes and started decorating them with lights and cookies.

4. Here we have one funny fact.

As bizarre as it may seem, the Christmas was forbidden to celebrate in the period from 1659 to 1681, because of its roots that are related to the pagan festival.

5. How the little gifts became so important part of Christmas tradition?

The most interesting and exciting part of Christmas is definitely when we receive gifts.

From Holland’s celebration of Saint Nicholas, comes a wonderful custom of delivering gifts to children. The night before 6th December, they would leave the shoes out, and next morning they would find the very best gifts for Christmas that well-known Saint Nicholas would give them. Needless to say, the kids were so excited and happy, and they truly believed that the miracles are possible.

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6. The red suit of our lovable Santa Claus.

We all know that Christmas go hand in a hand with Coca-Cola advertisements where Santa wears his well-known red suit. But do we know when the tradition of Santa and his red suit became popular? The answer is in an advertisement from 1930’s when Coca-Cola came up with this idea.

7. One of favorite Christmas songs “Silent night”

This is also the most recorded one. This amazing song which makes our Christmas even more spectacular comes in over 730 versions. How crazy is that?

8. Jingle Bells

Here’s one more interesting fact, when comes to our favorite Christmas songs, that might be disappointing a little bit. At first, the song “Jingle Bells” was supposed to be the song for Thanksgiving Day.

9. Rudolph

The name Rudolph wasn’t the first choice for our favorite Reindeer but we glad they decided to go with Rudolph instead of Reginald or Rollo. Those two names certainly don’t sound so appealing like Rudolph.

10. Song "All I want for Christmas is you"

Least but not last. The song “All I want for Christmas is you” from Mariah Carey, is today the most popular Christmas song and we can see why is that so. Her divine voice definitely makes our Christmas full of love.


Hopefully, you learned something new with these interesting facts about our favorite holiday- Christmas. Now that you have all these information, you can share them with your friends, we are sure they will love them. We certainly do!


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