Amazon wishlist allows you to save the products that you’d like to purchase or you’d like other people to purchase such as family members for your birthday or Christmas.

You can change your wish list from public, shared or private. Public means anyone can look at it or anyone can check out your wish list and buy you items. Shared wishlist is only available if you give someone a link to it and the private wishlist is just for yourself. If you want to save products that you want to buy later, you can just save it there.

Fill your Amazon wishlist with these cool and popular items for yourself or for special people in your life!

Cards Against Humanity

It’s a fun card game that is sure to liven up any parties or gatherings. It comes with 500 white cards, 100 black cards and a booklet of game rules. Winning requires a lot of sense of humor and your ability to read every player’s mind.

Echo Dot Smart Speaker

Echo Dot is your next go-to and powerful speaker. It’s a popular and bestselling speaker designed in a compact look, but packed with tons of features that you never expect in such a small device.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Book

This is a perfect gift for a child who loves story books and animals. It’s a classic picture book by Eric Carle brilliantly illustrated with colorful pictures and counting game story characterized by a very fuzzy caterpillar.

Nintendo Switch

Definitely, Switch is Nintendo’s hybrid console that all gamers and Nintendo fans have or wish to have. Nintendo Switch will give you more reason to play with your family and friends and experience multiplayer thrills in the comfort of your own home. Additionally, Switch has the ability to turn on your TV for you, find your missing Joy-Con controller, play anywhere, communicate and make friends in an online room and pair your Joy-Con or Pro Controller with an Android phone. More games, more fun!