Giving of gifts is probably the most common love language a couple has. This love language is a way that your significant other believes that your love is thoughtful and true. If in case that gift giving is your loved one’s love language, it is necessary that you give extra effort and go the extra mile for your gifts in this holiday season. It needs not to be expensive but rather give more meaning behind the gift.

Check out these 5 unique Christmas gift ideas to make your significant other feel more special.

Personalized Portrait

You may want to commemorate the city where you two grow up? Or the first restaurant you two met, or your school in college. It is nice that this memory be into a portrait. You could also have her favourite pet, his/her face, or the image of your first date into a portrait or a painting.

There are several sites that customize unique portraits that are worth hanging in the living room of your significant other, or maybe in your own living room as a married couple! Merely looking at the portrait would bring you both happy memories.

Cheap Hi-tech gadgets

Hi-tech gadgets are in the trend now. Why not maximize it for your bonding moments? Cheap likes would be Earphone splitters that makes you both listen to music together with both ears, from your android phones. How about an LCD projector that gives more binge-watching moments whenever and wherever you like? Sounds fun together eh?

Travel Pack

Shared experience and time-invested gifts makes it more memorable and priceless. So why not start planning to travel together and give your loved one all in one Travel Pack? Neck pillows, Eye Patches, Ear muffs are basic essentials. Once you’re ready, this pack comes in handy and off you go and enjoy!

Self-enhancement Classes

Cooking Classes, Photography Short Courses, Taekwondo Classes, Swimming Lessons. These are some self-enhancement lessons that would make you both enjoy. Hey, it could be a preparation for your future together too!

Health Cards

If you want to be together longer, then being healthy is a must. Prepaid Health Cards are now available which are cheaper than Health Insurances’ payment system. These can be helpful in out-patient check-ups or laboratory examinations. There are a variety of health cards available, depending on the medical needs of your significant other.



Always remember that Gifts are not always material. The most important thing is the love and the sincerity behind the gift.